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Overnight Sitter Job Description

Becoming an Overnight Sitter

Please note: You must have at least 2 local references (and telephone numbers) for overnight pet/house-sitting to apply for this job. A background check will be required.


Job description for Overnight Pet/House Sitter:


  • Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care will call you with the dates of a potential house-sit as well as the location and description of animals to be cared for. We will then determine a mutually agreeable time for you to meet client and pet(s) for an initial interview.


  • The initial interview will include you, the client, and the pet(s). At the interview, please take notes on the client interview sheet provided by Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care.


  • Most overnight jobs range from two nights to three weeks. We prefer to hire sitters who are available for both duration of sits. 

  • We require that you complete the visit in the Do Timely app for each day that you are at a house sitting job. The owner must also receive a daily update with pictures.


  • House duties: Most overnights require some plant care. Please be sure to water plants as needed. You are not required to clean the house, but we ask that you clean up after yourself and leave it looking the way you found it. Sheets will be clean and on the bed for you. Please wash them and put clean sheets back on the bed before you leave.


  • You are not required to be there 24 hours a day, but you are at least required to be at the house between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m. plus a mid-day visit. The mid-day potty break will be set by you for a time that is convenient for you.


  • Please do not use client's computer for any reason even if they grant permission. You are welcome to bring your own computer and discuss with client how to connect your computer to the Internet during your stay.


  • Our company policy requires that you do not allow anyone else to enter the client’s home during your stay there. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please discuss with Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care​

  • There are no guaranteed number of jobs you will do per week: they are scheduled as requested by the pet owner (similar to other on-demand pet care apps)​

  • All pet care specialists must be CPR and First Aid certified. Certification will be paid for by Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care and must be completed within the first 30 days of hire

  • Due to the nature of house sitting and the bonding that occurs between sitter and animal(s) (and owner with sitter!), we require at least a 6-month commitment to work with Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care on a continual basis. This does not mean that you must agree to every job for which we request, but it does mean that you are willing to commit to working with Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care on an ongoing basis for at least six months.

Pay schedule is as follows:


$___75___/per night for dog & cat house-sits (rate varies with number of animals, etc.)

**Pet sitters are typically paid 7 to 10 days after the conclusion of a pet sitting assignment.

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