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Dog Walk

Dog Walker Job Description

Becoming a Dog Walker

****Please note: You must have a car, a smart phone, and a deep love for dogs to apply for this position!  Must also be able to self-manage and must be comfortable walking in inclement weather.****


Job description for Dog Walkers:

  • After being hired, you will go to an initial interview to meet the owner and dog(s) to see if it is a good fit for you. You will not be compensated for the interview as it is a chance to see if the dogs are a good match for you and vice versa. If you need to make additional visits before starting with a particular client (shy dog or other reasons), you will be compensated for additional visits. After accepting a client, you will become that client's primary pet caregiver.

  • If you want to walk multiple dogs or if you want to take dogs to a trail or dog park, your car must be ‘dog-friendly.’  Please be aware that dogs may shed in your car and/or may track mud in during inclement weather. A heavy blanket and towels will help protect your car.

  • Even when it is raining, dogs still need to go out. Dogs won't need to go out for the normal time of 30 minutes; you can walk them for 15 minutes during inclement weather.

  • If dogs get dirty on a hike or walk, please hose them off and towel dry them (owners will provide towels) before putting them back in the house. The owner will thank you!


  •  A flexible time frame will be given to you by me or pet owners in which to walk the dog(s). This usually is a 2- or 3-hour window during mid-day hours (11-2 is the usual time frame for walks).


  • At the initial client interview, you will be given a key to client’s home or shown where the key is hidden.


  •  Occasionally, clients may be home sick or taking a day off at home; please be aware that even if you don’t see the client, the client may be home.


  • Please keep the owners house key on you at all times during the visit, be cautious of locking yourself out or losing it on your walk.


  • Even if you are walking a very friendly dog (and most of them are), remember that some of the dogs you will see on the walk are NOT friendly. Keep the dog you are walking away from other dogs. 

  • You will mostly be walking one or two dogs at a time. Some owners will have more than two dogs and it will be up to your discretion if you are comfortable walking all of their dogs at once. Please discuss with Nitro Dog Boarding and the pet owner how best the situation should be handled (splitting the visit time, extending the visit time, etc.)


  • All dogs must be leashed at all times during the walk. 

  • All appointments must be scheduled and completed through the Do Timely app. You are responsible for signing into the app and completing the visit. (That is how we know the visit went well and so we can invoice the client for the visits) The app will automatically track your phones GPS while checked in for a visit. You will be responsible for taking and uploading pictures for the pet owner to see. At the end of the visit, a visit summary should be completed in the app and will automatically be sent to the owner.

  • There are no guaranteed number of dog walks you will do per week: they are scheduled as requested by the pet owner (similar to other on-demand pet care apps)

  • All pet care specialists must be CPR and First Aid certified. Certification will be paid for by Nitro Dog Boarding and Pet Care and must be completed within the first 30 days of hire.

The pay schedule is as follows:

$_14__per 30-minute walk (add $3 per additional dog per household).


**Pet sitters are typically paid 7 to 10 days after the conclusion of a pet sitting assignment.

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