Unique Lodging

Thinking Outside the Kennel


Adventure Lodging

Tired of the same old boarding kennel routine?

We know the dogs are!

During adventure boarding stays, your pup gets the luxury of not only staying in a comfy home setting (with as many potty breaks as he needs), but he also gets a daily adventure outdoors!

We will travel to a local nature trail or park for an adventure lasting 1 - 3 hours (depending on the weather). Pet Parents will receive a GPS map of our journey, daily reports, and photo updates - so you know your pup is having a blast!

*Pets must be on a Flea, Tick, and Heartworm preventative. *Long leads may be used, but your pet will never be off leash.

$50 per night for one dog

+$20 per additional dog

"Wild Child" Lodging

Have a pup that does not get along well with other dogs? They have a place to stay with us!

We cannot take dogs that are aggressive, whether towards animals or people - in both situations, that's not okay.

But, if your dog just prefers the solitude of a comfy home and a loving caregiver, we've got a spot for them!

Please note:

A Trial Day must still be completed and boarding pricing may vary

dog in costume

Trial Day

A trial day is required before your dog can board with us. 

They will receive a full day of play as part of their evaluation 

*See our Trial Day page for details and bookings